Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finished Sweater!

Tonight I finished the sweater I began knitting in the Spring! I am pleased with the results. What should I knit now?

I'm here in Wyoming

Sadly this will be short because I'm tired, but I haven't blogged forever so I thought even a little one would be okay. We have been in Wyoming for about a week now and I am loving having my own house. I have so much room!!!! We showed up just in time for a flood (and I thought Iowa storms were bad!). I think the flood was on friday? I really haven't been keeping track of time. Anyways, because I parked my car near the gutter the backseat flooded with water. It is still drying out. No damage to the house though so I'm am feeling way blessed. My car is old and beat up anyway. Oh and then the water main in the road in front of my house busted because the support underneath it was washed away by the flood... so we had more water. No damage to my belongings this time.It has been all very exciting! When I am not busy playing crisis handler I have been helping Brady study for boards. He takes them Monday and has been studying so hard. Pray for him!