Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RIP Blog and Goodbye Med School

I plan on putting this blog to rest since medical school is about over and I am so over it. I plan on having a new brilliant idea for a blog and putting that into action as soon as I feel like it. So yea, get pumped for that. Or not. Do what you like. But as for med school......

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Do I Blog

Its been awhile since I have used my blog in a more personal way. I think that I get sucked into doing what everyone else seems to do on their blogs. But the reason that I started a blog was not to have a family newsletter. The reason I began blogging was to release my feelings into a place where they may find others who needed a person to be honest and just say it how it is. That is often why I search the countless blog posts about what so-and-so's family is up to. I am searching for some humanity! Humanity is flawed, insecure, and emotional. A lot of the time humanity is eluded. What I do find is perfection. Life is happening perfectly and flawlessly for everyone in the blogosphere and all are content.
So let me be honest with you.
My life is imperfect. I am a tremendously flawed person. I have a hard time feeling satisfied with anything. Being a stay-at-home mom is not my life's ambition fulfilled. But I have no idea what is and that paralyzes and drives me crazy.
I was never thrilled that my husband wanted to be a doctor. But I am willing to stand by his side and cheer him on because that is what his life's ambition is and I love him, even if it makes life difficult for me. I am doing the best that I know how to overcome my feelings of irritability and impatience with my position in life at this time. I sure wish that I did not feel so alone. If there are others like me out there will you please take off your masks once in awhile.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aurora turns 1!

Today is Aurora's first birthday. We celebrated her birthday all weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday. The roosters were her favorite. Most of the animals were too quiet or stationary for her to pay much attention to them. We will have to try again when she is a bit older.
On Easter Sunday, she had her first egg hunt. She was so cute. Rather than collect them in her basket, she would open and eat their contents as she found them.
Later we had family over for dinner. The Dora cake I got her, although cute, turned out to have terrible tasting purple frosting. She was not too happy about that.
Today, her actual birthday, we went to the doctors. Shots for her birthday, I am so mean. She is growing great. She is in the 50th percentile for everything except her weight.
She has 8 (almost 9) teeth. Most of them on the top. She can say "hi", "eye","light", and "up" clearly. When you say "dog" she says "wuh wuh." She is super smart and active. She is learning to run! Especially from diaper changes and getting her teeth brushed. She is down to one nap... but she sleeps through the night 7-7, so I can't be too upset about that.
I just love this girl so much. Happy Birthday Aurora!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Are we done yet???

I am so sick of medical school! Its a good thing its almost over. It has been nothing but a pain in the butt... or has it?
How many good things can I think of that may not have taken place without a journey through medical school?
  1. I learned that I can still be happy while living thousands of miles from my family.
  2. I learned that I am no ordinary women and can accomplish all sorts of electrical, plumbing, auto, landscaping, and financial feats on my own.
  3. I saw new and beautiful places and things, like a field lighted by the glow of thousands of lightning bugs and a "real" river.
  4. I discovered what it is to be and what its like to have a true friend.
  5. I got to learn all sorts of cool words that are fun to say like Shigella, syncope, and parasympathomimetic.
  6. I learned the difference between a good doctor and a bad one and how they might have gotten that way.
  7. I've watched someone have a dream and then follow it until they made it a reality.

Congratulations to everyone who is nearing the end of this phase of our journey!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hi my name is Aurora!

I am quite the little princess!

I can get my daddy to give me anything I want!

I hate getting dressed!

I love to play with jewelry.

I love kitties.

I love music.

I like to eat whatever my mom is eating.

I am the cutest and I am loved!