Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aurora turns 1!

Today is Aurora's first birthday. We celebrated her birthday all weekend. We went to the zoo on Saturday. The roosters were her favorite. Most of the animals were too quiet or stationary for her to pay much attention to them. We will have to try again when she is a bit older.
On Easter Sunday, she had her first egg hunt. She was so cute. Rather than collect them in her basket, she would open and eat their contents as she found them.
Later we had family over for dinner. The Dora cake I got her, although cute, turned out to have terrible tasting purple frosting. She was not too happy about that.
Today, her actual birthday, we went to the doctors. Shots for her birthday, I am so mean. She is growing great. She is in the 50th percentile for everything except her weight.
She has 8 (almost 9) teeth. Most of them on the top. She can say "hi", "eye","light", and "up" clearly. When you say "dog" she says "wuh wuh." She is super smart and active. She is learning to run! Especially from diaper changes and getting her teeth brushed. She is down to one nap... but she sleeps through the night 7-7, so I can't be too upset about that.
I just love this girl so much. Happy Birthday Aurora!

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Megan said...

Happy Birthday! The first year goes by so fast and time only continues to go by faster! She looks super cute on her big day - love her outfit!