Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a month!

Today Aurora is 9 months old. Its been an exciting month for her. She started to crawl. She stands up and cruises next to furniture. She loves to walk with help. She has two bottom teeth. Her favorite food is Cheerios and she has many spots where she likes to keep them and will go to them and make sure they are stocked up. She is learning to dance. Anytime she hears a beat she likes she will start to boogey. If she really likes it she will even wave her arms. She claps and likes patta-cake, plays peek-a-boo. She also has started to point. Yesterday, at a restaurant after the person at the counter got the order of my brother and I, my brother asked Aurora what she wanted she pointed to a rock star energy drink she saw on the counter. She cracks me up. She is a sweet soul who is senstive to loud sounds and people. She is a mommies girl and likes for me to be with her at all times. In fact, she normally is.

However, we recently enforced a nap alone policy. It has been a rough trasition with lots of crying. She was used to me bouncing her to sleep on the exercise ball and sometimes even holding her through her whole nap. Well my back is pretty messed up and its only getting worse as she gets bigger. The bouncing needed to be cut down drasticly. So today, for the first time ever, after only a couple minutes of boucing, she has gone to nap in her crip, still awake, without crying!!!! This is the greatest challenge and accomplishment I have ever had. It may not happen tomorrow, but for today, I have succeeded.

Well where you succeed in one area, you must fall short in another. Aurora is now in the scrawny baby percentile. She is an active baby and I do my best to get her the nutrition she needs.

Enough about that stuff. We had fun at her Granma and Granpa Yates in Colorado earlier this month while Brady has been on international rotation in South Africa. We went swimming, played at playgrounds, and caught colds. It was so much fun!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Aurora has something to tell you!

The first time Aurora did this, this last Sunday, she was trying to get the attention of a man who was sitting behind us in church asleep.

She also has some moves to show off too. Here she is dancing! She does this every times I turn on this singing cat.

She is growing up so fast!!