Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four Months!

I can:
  • Roll Both Ways
  • Laugh
  • Lift my Head and Chest While on My Stomach
  • Blow Raspberries
I am Soooooo Loved!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Things have changed again. I am no longer in a strange new place supporting my husbands dreams of becoming a physician. I am in a very familiar place, my mom's house in Utah. However, Brady is not here... he is in Hawaii. Don't you just feel so bad for him hehe. He will be there all this month. He has several other rotations away from me and the baby, but will be joining us here in November. We should be here till May and then on to Residency. Not sure where that will be yet. Maybe Hawaii? The little girl is growing fast. She is grabbing at toys and bringing them to her face, rolling over from her back to her belly, smiling and laughing and is just so dang cute! I do feel bad for Brady because he is not here to see her every day like I am.