Monday, November 29, 2010

Score!!! Free Photo Cards for me this Christmas!

As some of you may know, I recently discovered the secret to fun photo cards. I sent out some really cute ones of Aurora in her dino Halloween costume. In the past I haven't really been into sending holiday cards at all. Buying boring unpersonal store bought cards just didn't appeal to me. But now that I can create my own online I am all for it. A great site for creating Holiday Cards is Shutterfly. I plan on using them for my Christmas Cards this year. Above are a few of my favorites. I think it would be cute to put a pic of me, Aurora, and Brady in the Ho Ho Ho card or just stick with the beauty Aurora in the others.
I used online photo service to make Brady's fathers day present last year. I made a photo calendar with some of our family photos that he could take with him on his away rotations. I think he really liked it.
For blogging about Shutterflys service they are giving me 50 Free Holiday Cards! I am so excited!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Change

My blog wasn't fitting me anymore so I changed it. My old title "Medical School Wife's Search for Happiness" was outdated. I am just going to be happy where I am at and stop searching. Almost all my posts these days are about the baby and that mostly what all the people reading my blog want to hear about anyway. I am kind of lost on how to format my posts so that my text will appear where I want beside the pictures. Any help would be appreciated.

7 months old

Aurora is getting cuter everyday. She is a happy baby. She loves to get attention. And flashes her smile a lot. Aurora is on her way to crawling. She is rocking on hands and knees. She does the army crawl with speed and perfection. She recently cut her first tooth. She can sit all by herself. She is saying mama, baba, and yaya. She takes 2 naps. One at 10 and the other at 2 and is in bed by 7. She usually only wakes once and is up around 7. She loves to sleep with her ducky blanket and binky. She loves animals, especially dogs. She is a good eater and her favorites are bananas and carrots. She really cracks me up. She is so funny. Today her new thing is when she is trying really hard she sticks out her tongue, strains, and grunts. What a cutey!