Friday, November 26, 2010

Blog Change

My blog wasn't fitting me anymore so I changed it. My old title "Medical School Wife's Search for Happiness" was outdated. I am just going to be happy where I am at and stop searching. Almost all my posts these days are about the baby and that mostly what all the people reading my blog want to hear about anyway. I am kind of lost on how to format my posts so that my text will appear where I want beside the pictures. Any help would be appreciated.


Elise said...

Great advice to be happy where you are at. I wish I could help with your text. My text always works out for me. Do you write in the space between photos? If so and it still is a problem, try clicking the button that centers your text (by the upload photo icon). Maybe that will help...?

Valerie said...

I saw you on the Mormon Mommy blogs followers list and followed your link here. I like your thought in this post! Your baby is adorable. Hope you all had a great Christmas.