Saturday, November 29, 2008

You haven't experienced coolness till now!

So at my work I found these glasses that you put on that transform all points of light into Christmas shapes. They are so cool! We picked out our favorite two. I put the glasses on my camera to give you an idea of how awesome they are.

My favorite was the drive home (I wasn't driving) when car's headlights turned into two giant snowmen who looked like they were running up the road at me each time a car passed. I laughed my guts out.

On another note, my husband is an addict. I tell him he's had enough and its time to take a shower now. After a couple naggings, he reluctantly goes upstairs to get things done. I go up a couple minutes later to use the potty and see that his bathroom is empty but the light is on in the study. Scroll down to see what I find there.





He's at it again!!!


Megan said...

That dang husband...reading! Haha. I was a little worried when you wrote about driving with those glasses on - good to know you weren't the one driving. They sound like loads of fun!

Keely said...

Glad to see that Brady hasn't changed a bit!!!
I added a post (per your request)!