Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cat Takes the Cake

While family can expect to get homemade gifts from me for Christmas this year, the cat takes the cake. He got his present early. While splurging for knitting supplies on ebay, I bid on this only half serious and won! I got a pretty good deal seeing how these things go for hundreds of dollars at the pet store. However, I probably can't afford it seeing how Christmas is around the corner and Cabello probably wouldn't know the difference if I didn't get him anything. But, he has my heart and so, with it, my bank account. Here he is guarding his spoils.
Besides, he deserves it since he will be home alone for the holidays.


Megan said...

What a lucky kitty. And I am getting more and more impressed with your knitting skills. YOur stuff has turned out awesome!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I think it is great that you splurged on your kitty... she/he deserves it. I dropped a Christmas treat on your doorstep tonight... hope you got it! Merry Christmas!