Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Its been a busy couple months for Brady. Hes been away from me and Aurora on rotations a lot. He spent 4 weeks in Hawaii and 2 weeks in Casper. We missed him too much and we went out to Casper his last week so we could see him. He didn't have much time to spend with us since he has been studying for boards but any time is better than nothing. Plus I got to meet up with some old friends. After he finished in Casper, we drove down to his parents in Colorado. Me and Aurora stayed there with him while he studied until yesterday when we flew home. He will stay another week or so till he takes boards there. Then he come home to us for a couple weeks!
Since I've posted last, Aurora has learned a ton. She can sit alone for short periods of time, she can laugh in response to your laugh, and is always willing to give a smile (sometimes even in the middle of crying), shes always kicking her feet and grabbing anything she can and putting it in her mouth. We have started solids. She has been eating rice cereal, which she loves and today we tried green beans. She isn't too impressed as shown in the posted video. She still isn't the greatest sleeper, waking up every few hours. But I am enjoying her more and more despite my sleep deprived state.

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Megan said...

Glad you are surviving! Hopefully she will sleep better soon because it does make everything that much better ;) She sure is cute though - I can see why you will put up with it all. lol. God makes them cute for a reason - at least that is what I tell myself...a lot. haha.