Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I love sunsets and can't help but take oodles of pictures of them. I decided to try out the panoramic function on my camera and decided its kinda hard to get separate pictures to line up perfectly. But I thought that I would post my attempt.
This is just down the road from my house. Its a beautiful green field of... I'm not sure what. Every time I drive by it I just want to take a picture. I think that this picture illustrates what people meant when they told me, before I moved here, that in Iowa you can see someone stand up from miles away. I really don't think that is true in most cases, since the terrain flows in hills; but here it looks like it goes on for miles.


Keely said...

Gorgeous! That is one thing I miss here - the sunsets. In Colorado, the sun sets over the mountains, and the effect is not nearly as dramatic.

Jensen's said...

Beautiful. How wonderful to appreciate sunsets I need to slow down and take the time to sit and notice it would be good for my soul.

PAM AHLMER said...

Dear Melanie,

You have a great talent for photography and journaling. I will enjoy keeping in touch with you this way. I'm so happy that you have Brady and he has you. You'll look back on these times and miss them. Trust me.
Aunty Pam

Julie said...

so pretty! Joel and I also love sunsets. They have good ones here with the fields, however I am a bit bias and like the ones that we would see over Lake Michigan better...ahh home. :)

Elise said...

Hey Melanie, I found your blog! I really like these pictures of the sunset. They are beautiful. I love sunsets. I also enjoyed your pictures of Zions and Bryce Canyon. They are also very beautiful! You should give me your email address and I can invite you to our blog!