Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yay for vampires!

I won't talk about what my title is referring to in detail in case there is anyone who is not as far as me in Breaking Dawn (which there probably isn't since everyone I've talked to seems to be finished), but I can't believe that the book is going where I wanted it to go. Well, at least I am pretty sure it is. I love the book so far and would just keep reading if it weren't 2 in the morning. I thought writing here would calm me down enough to sleep.
Meanwhile here are some photos from the Iowa State Fair today.

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson made out
of butter.

Me and Brady enjoying the whole reason I came to the fair, deep fried oreos.


Sarah said...

Oh how I miss the state fair and especially those deep fried oreos. I wish you would have eaten one for me!

Keely said...

That is when you know you have made it big.....when someone sculpts you out of butter! LOL

Whitney and Brad said...

I want to go the fair just so I can try something deep fried! however I do not want to pay the price to get in just to do so. yay for vampires!

Brad said...

Hey melanie, thought i'd join the blog revolution myself. I've been living up in philadelphia with Jay and sheena so they convinced me to check it out. sounds like you're doing good. love the title of your blog by the way. anyways, so here's my blog addres so check it out if you wanna laugh sometime ttyl

Our Family said...

Melanie! You have a blog! I just finished Breaking Dawn... well like 5 days ago I guess. Our Blog is

Love Gina

Michael said...

Mel, are you sure it's butter? It looks a lot like Parkay :)