Thursday, October 15, 2009

Panera Soup right here in Casper

I have often sat sad over the misfortunate I face living in Casper where my newfound love Panera Bread does not reside. Each time I visit Colorado I make a point to go to the restaurant that I have missed so much since moving from Iowa.
Well, the best thing happpened the other day, I got a Sam's Club card and found that they sell my favorite Panera Bread soup Brocolli Cheddar there refridgerated in the store. Happy Day! I can survive!

P.S. If your wondering why I never talk about being pregnant here, you are at the wrong blog. Check my other pregnancy blog.


Elise said...

Great news! Sounds delicious.

Julie said...

whoohoo! I am happy that you found your favorite Panera soup!