Monday, September 29, 2008

Followup to Hypnosis

So, the author of my hypnosis program said that I would never make it through the whole cd (I would fall asleep before then). If I did it was either too loud or I was trying to hard. Well this guy is wacko because I listened to the whole cd twice the first night before turning it off! The second time through I had it so soft that I could barely hear it. I was relaxed and it was nice to imagine myself "in a beautiful place in nature" or my body as a clear container filling with an orange liquid that drained out through my fingers and toes the color of maple syrup containing all my impurities, but no sleep came of it. I wonder if this guy realizes who he is dealing with here. I was the girl at the elementary school sleepovers who stayed up the whole night without even trying. I remember in the second grade having a sleepover with a friend who had to pretend she was just "resting her eyes" in order to get a break from our Barbi marathon. I have staying up so ingrained into my psyche that I think it is gonna take more than just a boring 27 minute cd of someone telling me that I am letting go and there is nothing wrong with me to cure my Insomnia. Nonetheless, I have continued to turn on the cd each night and will for the 30 days just in case there is some miracle. I am not too disappointed because my expectations of this program aren't too high. What I could really use is a cd that gets me up in the morning. If only I could harness some of the sleepiness I feel then and apply it at night!


Megan said...

I really hope that miracle happens and you start falling asleep because the only time I haven't slept is when I was prego and for a few months after having Anna and I was not a fun person. I can't imagine it being a part of my daily life. You are awesome for having a positive attitude!

Anonymous said...

If only you really could make a morning CD or harness the sleepiness. Man think of it. you would be a millionare! not a bad idea. I hope the sleepless nights get better!

Megan said...

Oh and you have been tagged. Check out my blog for rules and regulations! Bwa ha ha!