Sunday, October 19, 2008


Good News!! I finally beat a song in GUITAR HERO Pictures, Images and Photoson Hard!! I bought this game for my birthday in April. I had beat all the songs on Easy and Medium and then hit a wall. I couldn't go any further, so I stopped playing for months. Well yesterday I picked up the guitar remote and got back to rocking! If you have never played guitar hero (which is just a shame), playing on hard means that I am using all of the five colored buttons while strumming with the other hand. Its pretty tough since you only have four fingers available. See the next picture for an example of the guitar remote. guitar hero Pictures, Images and Photos On easy you only use the first three(starting with the green one) and on medium you use four.
I know what your thinking! I am kinda nerdy. Only kids and husbands play those game right? Wrong! I love to play video games still. My latest game, Lego Indiana Jones, is about beat. Next I'm moving on to LEGO Batman Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh and by the way Iowa friends, if you don't see me tomorrow at church(or today depending on how you see it), it is because I am on my way to Minnesota to see the So You Think You Can Dance? concert. Jealous?!

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DavidW said...

Those games both rock!!
The Next Game I get when i have a few extra bucks is going to be Fable 2.